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MedBilling Experts has over 10 years of experience in assisting healthcare providers manage their Athena Billing Services. Our experience primarily extends to assisting our clients overcome challenges associated with Athena medical billing which have inhibited them from ensuring effective revenue cycle management.

Driven by a team of certified and professional coders we specialize in ensuring seamless RCM services on Athenahealth. The hall mark of our services has been proactive denial management which we leverage to ensure our clients receive proper and timely reimbursements. We back this capability with advanced business intelligence reporting to ensure denials and other issues get nipped in the bud.

The Scope of Our Athena Medical Billing Services

Our proficiency in Athena Billing Services can be leveraged to streamline medical billing requirements in the most effective way. These primarily include:

  • Send clean claims to insurance carriers in a timely fashion
  • Resolve responses from insurance carriers on time for unhindered cash flow
  • Address inappropriately paid accounts by getting in touch with payers, processing payer correspondence, billing for second time, working denials and executing appeals
  • Leverage analytics tools to identify opportunities to reduce outstanding AR

Besides the above mentioned, we leverage our experience with Athena Billing Services to provide the following:

  • Collaborate with different departments to provide guidance about pre-billing holds and denials
  • Identify process gaps and recommend improvement initiatives
  • Collaborate with RCM team, Operations team, and IT team to meet the imperative need of increasing revenue and decreasing outstanding AR
  • Assist managers in managing initiatives at the operations and market level
  • Supervise follow up of unresolved items as a day to day business activity
  • Assist training resources in determining methods to make collection teams efficient

Why Choose Us for Medical Billing Software Support Requirements?

Our Athena Billing support services ensure your billing and claims workflow is seamless. We work with the objective of ensuring all claims and billing are completed with accuracy and with utmost efficiency. Our professionals know the ins and outs of medical billing and coding and will leave no stones unturned to find quick answers to billing/claims complexities.

Integrated Billing Services

We integrate our billing expertise with your Athena billing software to maximizes claims payments at lesser overhead costs.

End-to-end Expertise

Our experts help you leverage the advantages of each feature of Athena including real-time insights to analyze drilled down revenue trends.

100% Accuracy

We have a multi-tier review process to ensure coding accuracy. We have a great track record of ensuring that claims get processed the first time.

100% HIPAA compliance

We implement a range of security measures to make your data and operational processes compliant with the security and privacy requirements of HIPAA.

Up to date process knowledge

We train our medical billing and coding experts regularly to keep themselves updated with changing billing regulations and coding practices.

When you outsource Athena Billing services to us you will free your billing staff of the challenges associated in dealing with complex billing regulations; relentless follow up on claims, and coding issues.

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