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Enhanced Chiropractic Medical Billing Services

A streamlined and efficient financial process is integral to a successful Chiropractic practice. MedbillingExperts, has years of experience dealing with the hassles of- reduced fee reimbursement, complex documentation and routinely postponed payment. Once you choose to outsource chiropractic billing services, we help augment cashflow. As one of the leading chiropractic medical billing companies, we leverage this experience to help you navigate the nuances of chiropractic claims. Once you outsource chiropractic billing services, we help you focus on your core business competencies.

Our end-to-end, third-party chiropractic medical billing services include coding and AR management for Medicare, as well as no-fault injuries and workers’ compensation. MedBillingExperts is a chiropractic medical billing company that combines the knowledge of our specialized coders with latest technologies and software, to customize solutions that will maximize your revenue collections. As a leading chiropractic billing company in USA, we ensure that we offer innovative and customer-friendly technology to update your billing and client records to streamline the process.

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We Streamline Chiropractic Medical Billing Services. Here's How

  • Verify and re-verify the critical eligibility of patients once they come for consultation through validation of demographic and insurance information.
  • Provide multi-tier claim reviewing to ascertain that all the required fields are completed with precision and accuracy.
  • Coding bills with accuracy with second level reviewing to provide error free codes for clean claims.
  • Billing claims are done to the highest level of specificity to ensure that details are available for full reimbursements.
  • Guaranteeing up-to-date awareness of different windows that are needed by the third-party payers to file insurance claims.

Our End-to-End Chiropractic Billing Process

Patient Registration

Our chiropractic billing services start with the collection of relevant patient information

Patient Insurance Verification

Establish that the patient has appropriate insurance coverage in place

Auditing Quality Check

Check for errors and inconsistencies prior to submissions

Claims Transmission

Thorough validation and follow-up on patient accounts to receive maximum claims reimbursements

Chiropractic Billing Management Process
We Specialize In

Chiropractic Billing

As one of the leading chiropractic medical billing companies, the process starts with the integration of our services with your existing medical billing software. We collect patient data and verify the same to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date. As a trusted chiropractic billing company in USA, we can seamlessly integrate our offerings with an existing software or we can also help in organizing a customized Practice Management System.

Chiropractic Billing
Chiropractic Reporting

Chiropractic Reporting

Our chiropractic billing services extend to generate chiropractic reports which are designed to suit different Chiropractic practices. As a renowned chiropractic billing company, we provide immaculate services for chiropractors seeking an easy-to use, reliable and affordable reporting service. This adds to the Chiropractic billing experience and expediates patient reliability and cash inflow.

Chiropractic Denial Appeal

As a trusted chiropractic billing company in USA, we provide chiropractic medical billing services to ensure that a dedicated team of billers and coders persistently follow your accounts receivable and insurance claims for maximum reimbursements. Besides, every denied claim is appealed immediately, with up-to-date information essential to reverse the denial and avail full reimbursement.

Chiropractic Denial Appeal
Chiropractic Denials

Categorizing the Chiropractic Denials

Our chiropractic billing services categorize the Chiropractic denials to adjust workflows and study the existing processes. This gives us an edge over other chiropractic medical billing companies. It allows us to effectively restructure the processes to prevent denials. Besides, regular audits are conducted to ensure quality assurance. Once you choose to outsource chiropractic billing services, you get assured returns through a streamlined revenue cycle.

Identifying Business Process Improvements

Our experts break down each category and delve into the specific processes to identify where chiropractic billing glitches are stemming from. As a trusted chiropractic medical billing company in USA, we leave no stone unturned in providing the best services and deliverables. The errors may be related to chiropractic coding or patient registration. Through our chiropractic billing services, we identify the cause and provide solutions to streamline business process improvement.

Identifying Business Process Improvements
Sorting Chiropractic Billing into Categories

Sorting Chiropractic Billing into Categories

Our dedicated team of medical billing experts work on categorisation of the Chiropractors based on CPT codes. As a renowned chiropractic billing company, we help businesses discover opportunities to adjust workflows, and revise existing processes. Once we have the categories, it is easier to re-train billing experts, medical coders and others to bring out the best. This allows us to identify the chiropractic billing categories with challenges. It also prevents errors in chiropractic billing and coding services. Besides, we conduct regular audits for quality assurance.

Our Specialties

Why we are an Industry Authority in Chiropractic Billing Management Process

Full Compliance

Chiropractors have a specialized service and we cater to this niche segment by adhering to rigid documentation protocols that meet HIPAA compliance

Assured Data Security

We ensure data security by using firewalls. Our transmission modes are secure and communication modes include VPNs, SSLs and encryption techniques

Extensive Training

Our team of experts is regularly trained to ensure they are up-to-date and equipped with the rules and regulations of third-party payers and more

Rigorous Claims Audits

We undertake regular audits of chiropractic billing claims and analyse the type of errors to not repeat them, thereby streamlining the billing process

High Accuracy

Our expertise in billing, provides our clients with the most accurate chiropractic billing analysis to help them take prudent steps to get the best-in-class service

Superior Technology

We provide highest levels of accuracy in Chiropractic billing service with high end healthcare IT tools and customized EHR

How We Help You Streamline Chiropractic Billing

Determine patient eligibility

We meticulously carry out patient eligibility to uncover critical information such as demographic data, coverage, benefit options etc with accuracy


Prior approval is necessary to acquire reimbursement for many non-emergency medical procedures and services. Our pre-authorization services ensure you get covered for all the services delivered

Maintain business excellence

We assist you to stay up-to date with billing regulations to prevent denials. Besides, we analyse electronic submission reports to bring in higher efficiency

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"We were facing enormous piling up of documentation and it just kept getting worse with time. MedbillingExperts helped us simplify our process by providing the highest quality chiropractic billing services at an affordable price. We are glad we choose a reliable chiropractic billing company in USA that understood the intricacies involved in chiropractic billing. They offered us hassle-free patient verification and flexible chiropractic coding solutions to suit our business. A big thank you, to the team, for their relentless efforts in helping us streamline our billing process."

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"Setting up an efficient billing process is a complex task but MedbillingExperts has gone the extra mile to provide ideal billing solutions depending on our business requirements. Of all the chiropractic medical billing companies, it is by far, the most reliable. The flexible reporting structure, secure data storage and optimization of the revenue stream is noteworthy. It is nice to work with a team that is knowledgeable about the process. Thank you for the best-in-class medical billing and coding services."


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