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MedBillingExperts has over 10 years of experience in helping chiropractic practices streamline their billing process with the help of ChiroTouch software. Our knowledge of the medical billing practise in general and ChiroTouch software in particular has helped practices, which includes both solo-practices and multi-provider multi-location practices, meet billing requirements as per the changing payer environment. We have been particularly successful in leveraging the software to assist chiropractic practices negotiate the billing challenges associated with ICD-10 and stay clear of denials and delayed payments caused by mistakes, coverage issues and incorrect payments.

We are driven by experts with wide exposure in chiropractic billing software including ChiroTouch. All our experts have strode across the huge difference of IC-9 and ICD-10 coding and so understand very specific codes of chiropractic billing like the back of their hands. It’s because of this specialization and consistency that our chiropractic practice clients prefer to outsource chiropractic billing requirements using ChiroTouch software to us.

Why Choose ChiroTouch Software for Billing

ChiroTouch is an EHR and practice management system built to assist midsize chiropractic practices streamline their billing requirements. The biggest advantage of using this application is that serves as an integrated suite to a range of requirements such as patient scheduling, billing, inventory management etc. Most importantly, the EHR comes with custom templates for chiropractors, along with SOAP notes, image management, and live patient flow reporting with room management capabilities. The entire system is HIPAA compliant. Other benefits include:

  • Send reminders to patients
  • Fill pre-visit intake and outcome assessment form
  • Lab integration support with wireless facility

The Scope of Our ChroTouch Medical Billing Services

Our competency will assist you in optimize medical billing requirements in ways such as:

  • Execute insurance verification
  • Submit correct claims to carriers
  • Answer carrier queries in time
  • Address wrong paid accounts by contacting payers, and initiating appeals

This aside, we leverage our experience with Chiropractic Billing Services to:

  • Eliminate manual billing tasks
  • Eliminate chances of errors in data entry
  • Provide chiropractors information on pre-billing holds and denials
  • Plug gaps to reduce outstanding AR
  • Coding for chiropractic practices as per government and insurance programs

How Our ChiroTouch Billing Services Helps You Overcome Specific Billing Challenges

The biggest hurdle to chiropractic billing is coverage limitation. Unless a biller has proper understanding of the limitations, practices may have to see lot of claims denials. By using the ChiroTouch software we ensure claims denials are brought down to bare minimum. Another major challenge is the absence of a proper tracking system for daily billing. This invariably leads to major issues with receivables and collections. Other challenges include appointment cancellations and empty time slots. Our proficiency in ChiroTouch software helps you get over each of these deficiencies in chiropractic billing.

We leverage the ChiroTouch software to:

  • Send clean claims by scrubbing codes before submission
  • Separate accounts receivables by insurance and patient balances
  • Understand how payor specific guidelines affect your accounts receivable management
  • Identify key offending payers and list them out by the outstanding amount
  • Keep track of monthly reimbursement trends for each payer

Aside from these, we help you improve your verification stage with patient appointments and develop a process to analyse denied claims and derive insights from it.

Some benefits that you will get by outsourcing ChiroTouch billing services to us include:

  • Access to a team of chiropractic billers specialized in using ChiroTouch software
  • Leverage the software to avoid coding errors
  • Up to 40% reduction in overhead and operational costs
  • Up to 30% improvement in the speed of reimbursement of bills
  • Minimum account receivables (AR) percentage; guaranteed closure of A/R claims in 60 days

Contact us today and discover the advantage of outsourcing Chiropractic medical billing services to MedBillingExperts.

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