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Advanced Healthcare Analytics Services for Improved Healthcare Outcomes

Data analytics in healthcare has made a big difference to the way modern-day treatment is administered. Healthcare providers are using healthcare analytics to reduce the cost of treatment, predict patient conditions, forecast disease outbreaks, and stop preventable illnesses. Data analytics takes vast quantities of information and analyze it to provide helpful and relevant insights for quality care. It is being used on both micro and macro levels to effectively streamline operations and improve overall outcomes.

MedBillingExperts offers end-to-end healthcare analytics services to assist providers optimize their processes for improved risk management, better clinical decisions, strict regulatory compliance, and enhanced operational efficiency. We develop solutions for strategic business functions such as hiring and staff management, bed optimization, potential fraud/abuse detection, patient analytics, predicting disease trends, predicting claims denials and more.

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We Help You Leverage Analytics to Streamline Operations. Here’s How:

  • Use predictive analytics to identify high-risk patients and optimize staff and bed allocation.
  • Track patient statistics and vitals to provide proactive care and keep patients out of hospital.
  • Measure treatment outcomes to determine the success of certain programs and treatments.
  • Analyze provider performance, patient satisfaction, and other key metrics needed to run a facility smoothly.
  • Cut down on wasteful expenditures incurred through inefficient supply management

Our End-to-End Healthcare Analytics Process:

Establish a Data-Driven Culture

We help you organize processes and technology to streamline the generation of data for use within the analytic space

Access & Acquire Data

We integrate data from departmental systems, legacy systems, and other siloed data structures to create a well-integrated data warehouse

Establish Data Quality

We set up a data validation process to standardize quality of data acquired across systems for correct representation


Establish Data Stewardship

In this step, we centralize analytic capabilities with data querying, data movement, data modelling, and data visualization to support enterprise programs and initiatives

Data Analysis

The collected data is analyzed for various insights such as descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, preventive, and prescriptive insights


Our Healthcare Analytics Services Cover Your End-to-End Business Needs

As one of the leading healthcare analytics companies we assist our clients meet the challenges of value-based care with advanced and precise analytics solutions.

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics services, help providers get strategic insights into a host of critical issues such as patient well-being, patient readmission, creating risk-scores, identifying trends, predicting shortages etc. This allows clinicians, administrative staff and financial analysts get a heads up about possible developments much before they happen and take proactive decisions to tackle them.

Predictive Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

With our prescriptive analytics solutions we assist healthcare providers on the possible actions they can take to solve problems. We leverage data mining, modelling and artificial intelligence to evaluate real-time and historical data to offer the best solutions. With targeted solutions we assist providers in improving services, cutting costs, and making day-to-day functioning more transparent.

Preventive Analytics

Our preventive analytics solution is driven by advanced machine learning platform and assists in relating transactional data to control/fraud exceptions data. This solution helps providers to identify issues that are non-compliant with regulatory mandates or to spot errors in billings and claims. Aside from this, our solution helps to prevent occurrences that are not in line with provider policies and can lead to wasteful expenses and frauds.

Preventive Analytics
Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic Analytics

Our diagnostic analytics helps you understand why something happened in the past. In other words, it helps in root cause analysis of a problem. We bank on data discovery, data mining, and data drill down to explore the data, make correlations, and understand the core cause of an issue or trend. We make use of data extraction techniques well-designed graphs and tables, and filters to present the root cause before you.

Descriptive Analytics

Our descriptive analytics assists you collect, clean and present data for immediate information. It aims to answer fundamental provider questions to everyday problems. We bank on a range of research methods such as exploratory research, casual research and even observation to establish relationship between variables so that right answers to questions can be found out.

Descriptive Analytics

Our Specialties

Why we are an Industry Authority in Healthcare Analytics

HIPAA Compliance

Our analytics services are fully HIPAA compliant. We host solutions in AWS and Microsoft Azure, public cloud, or private cloud or on your own infrastructure with secure servers located in the US.

Complete Analysis

Our healthcare analytics services guarantee comprehensiveness of data analysis for readiness and relevance of information.

Correct Interpretation

Our analytics services are carried out keeping precision, clarity, and accuracy of data in mind. As a result, we guarantee best outcomes.

Interoperability Support

We create a holistic view of your patients by linking data from different sources and merging it with other tools for providing information.

Safe Backup Storage

We keep critical information well protected with complete data recovery capability. We assist you store data on HIPAA-compliant data centers and maintain backup within US borders.

100% Data Control

We ensure you stay the only owner of your data and access it any time you want. We never process or use your data. In case of cloud hosting, your data will be shared with the data center operator.

How we Help you Streamline Decision Making with Our Healthcare Analytics Solutions


We first seek what decisions are to be made from the report you wish to evaluate


We identify the data that should be analyzed, analyze it in details and consolidate reports


The analyzed report is presented to the client in intuitive dashboards and graphs

Read What Our Clients have to Say About Us

Rosy Administrator, General Hospital, Los Angeles, CA

"Our front office staff was spending inordinate time preparing data manually for operational activities. Consequently, we were struggling to reduce patient waiting times and approached MedBillingExperts for a solution. They helped us with a mobile app that analyzes data from EHR systems to assist operational teams with the insights needed to make decisions. Our team could get a detailed, real-time view of key metrics such as staff availability, patient discharges, bed demand and availability, surgical room availability etc. We soon got good control over bottlenecks in workflows and streamline floor operations to precision."



Sam Mathew CTO, Chest Pain Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio

"We specialize in treating patients with chest pain and had a pressing need to understand which patient needed admission for observation. MedBillingExperts developed a solution that leveraged predictive analytics to assign a score to each patient. The score is assigned based on a range of parameters such as age, history, comorbidities. If the score crosses the threshold level an alert is sent to the physician on the need for hospitalization. Their solution helped us identify patients at high risk and streamline the admission process "


Healthcare Analytics through our Lens

Our Complete Analytics Process

Our Process

Our Complete Analytics Process

We follow a step-by-step process to develop an analytics solution data for you. Please go through this process diagram to know more.

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A leading US healthcare provider banked heavily on our services to bring down their AR days by 50% and overall AR to less than 10%.

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