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MedBillingExperts has over 10 years of experience in delivering robust and efficient healthcare back-office support services designed to help hospitals eliminate costly errors and operate at peak potential. Our in-depth knowledge of hospital revenue cycle management backed by extensive experience in handling underlying services such as billing, coding and AR management will help hospitals streamline operations, maximize financial performance and positively contribute to their long-term success.

We Provide Comprehensive Range of Healthcare Back-office Support Services to Hospitals

Our healthcare back-office support services cover the entire gamut of hospital revenue cycle operations. The core back-office support services that we provide to hospitals include:

Revenue Cycle Management

MedBillingExperts’ revenue cycle management services offer you a purpose-built solution that reorganizes your revenue cycle model and make it more robust, quick and efficient. We combine our knowledge and experience with industry leading processes, strategies and tools to maximize your chances of getting paid more without the hassles of delays or denials.

Medical Billing

We know what it takes to achieve operational excellence and offer exactly the type of hospital billing services you need to get reimbursed faster and better. This includes:

  • Fee schedule review and analysis
  • Medical eligibility verification
  • Provider enrolment
  • Claim preparation
  • Electronic and paper claims submission
  • Account receivables management
  • Incoming patient calls
  • Old account receivables recovery
  • Aggressive insurance follow-up
  • Posting of insurance and patient payments
  • Patient statement preparation and mailing
  • Denial review and management
  • Appeal for low paid claims
  • Management reports

Medical Coding

We have in place a highly specialized team of experienced and certified coders. Each members of this team are AAPC certified, have a minimum of five years of experience and continuously strive to stay on top of latest changes in the industry. Leveraging this repository of expertise, we can provide following medical coding services:

  • Offshore coding audits
  • HCC medical coding
  • HCPCS, ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding including ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-AM, ICD-9-CM and CPT-4 medical coding
  • Payer specific coding services
  • Chart audits and code reviews

Accounts Receivable Management

Our team of AR management experts tirelessly monitor every unpaid insurance claim that crosses 30 days bucket and ensure that they are collected, thereby greatly reducing accounts receivable (AR) days. They also make sure that every underpaid claim is processed and paid appropriately by the insurance payer, while ensuring that every claim that is denied is appealed in time.

Denial Management

We track every claim that is denied and present it by payer, by CPT, by physician and by diagnosis, which facilitates fast identification of trends. With this kind of powerful intelligence in hand, we can dramatically drive up the first-time claim acceptance rate and stop the torrent of claim denials.

Medical Claims Processing

We are a leading a medical claims processing company that is extremely skilled in handling multi-faceted challenges of medical claims processing, starting from volume, accuracy, speed of processing, administrative costs and regulatory compliance.

The portfolio of end-to-end claims processing services that we to hospitals include:

  • Managing automated receivables process such as patient eligibility verification
  • Managing primary and secondary claims reimbursement
  • Managing rejected and denied claims
  • Electronic remittance posting
  • Reporting claims and remittance
  • Patient statement processing

Insurance Verification

We offer customized insurance verification services that insulates you from the spiral of costly write-offs and denials. This includes:

  • Document checking
  • Verifying patient's insurance coverage
  • Patient follow-up
  • Final submission

We are also well-versed with:

  • Obtaining pre-authorization number
  • Obtaining referral from PCP
  • Enter/update patient demographics
  • Remind patient of POS collection requirements
  • Inform client if there is an issue with coverage or authorization
  • Medicaid enrolment

Other Related Services We Provide:

Medical Transcription

We are a leading transcription provider with experience in a number of healthcare specialties. Leveraging our expertise, we provide fast, accurate and secure transcriptions of any types of medical records. Be it hospital progress reports, diagnostic reports, laboratory reports, operative reports, treatment records, or discharge summary, we can provide highest quality transcriptions in no more than 12 hour.

Medical Record Indexing

MedBillingExperts’ professional scanning, indexing, and data-archiving services helps you organize and manage medical records in a sleek and efficient manner.

Here are some of the medical documents that we can work with:

  • Patient demographic charts
  • Clinical history
  • Physician orders
  • Form indexing including form 485
  • Health insurance ID cards
  • Medical reports and charts
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents
  • Health service providers’ notes
  • Insurance bills and claims
  • Durable medical equipment orders
  • Pharmacy request
  • Referral/prior authorization request
  • Hospital admission and discharge notes

Healthcare Analytics

Our healthcare analytics solutions leverage technology, proven frameworks, tools, and domain expertise to unearth hidden opportunities and insights that can help you improve risk management, better clinical outcomes and enhance operational efficiency. It can also prepare you for future trends and provide you with a distinct competitive edge.

Healthcare IT

MedBillingExperts can quickly and effectively plan, support and execute unique IT initiatives of hospitals of all sizes and types. We possess a distinct ability to assemble high-performance teams and scale custom healthcare IT solutions to deliver results as per your quality, time and budget commitments within a very short notice.

Healthcare Data Entry Services

We carry out data entry, data archiving, data capturing and data mining/extraction on various kinds of medical records, such as:

  • Payment posting Image record data entry
  • Handwritten/printed document data entry
  • Demographics entries
  • Charge entries
  • Text and numeric data entry
  • Medical insurance claim forms
  • Account and billing details
  • Clinical and healthcare records
  • Medication records
  • Patient details & chart information
  • Surgical treatment records
  • Tests or lab data records
  • Hospital records

Our Specialties

Why Hospitals Outsource Healthcare Back-office Support Services to Us?

When you outsource back-office support services for hospitals to a premium healthcare back-office support company like MedBillingExperts, you will gain significantly many ways.

Some of the core benefits of outsourcing hospital back-office support to us include:

  • Up to 50% savings on operating cost per employee
  • Access to 500+ highly skilled support staff
  • Flexibility of scaling up and scaling down the team as per requirement
  • 97% claims paid on first submission
  • 20 days average turnaround time
  • HIPAA compliant process
  • 24 hours’ access to reports
  • 24/7 support and services from 8 global delivery centers
  • State-of-the-art systems and software
  • Strict information security policies and practices

When you outsource back-office support for hospitals to MedBillingExperts, you’ll partner with a healthcare back-office support company that is focused on leveraging its multi-faceted expertise to help hospitals advance performance and augment delivery.

Contact us today and discover the advantage of outsourcing third-party support services for hospitals to MedBillingExperts.

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