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Save big money by eliminating small billing mistakes.

Effective Medical Billing Outsourcing Services to Accelerate Cash Flow

If medical billing is a major pain point of your RCM process, we provide seamless solutions that can help optimize your cash flow. Keeping up with present due accounts and pursuing past due accounts hand-in-hand, has rendered medical billing services into a heavy and scattered work that entails a continuous tight rope walk. To set things in order, your medical billing and coding services needs a partner to improve your workflow and optimize your cash flow. MedBillingExperts is a US medical billing company with wide experience in assisting healthcare providers make their billing practices more accurate, consistent and reliable. Our clients outsource medical billing service to optimize and stay on top of their revenue cycle.

Over the years, we have gathered comprehensive understanding of the stages in the process where errors can arise. We have accordingly developed ways to avoid them. As a leading provider of medical billing outsourcing services in USA, our team delivers reliable billing and coding services to augment cash flow. From setting standard procedure to collect and verify insurance information to minimizing the likelihood of incomplete claims from double checking diagnosis and surgical codes for errors to ensuring highest level of coding specificity. Once you choose to outsource medical billing services, our dedicated team assists you to plug pervasive medical billing mistakes. Get seamless service by choosing MedBillingExperts amongst the leading medical billing outsourcing companies.

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We Help You Minimize Medical Billing Mistakes. Here’s How

  • Registration of patient details and double-checking diagnosis and surgical data to ensure required fields are complete
  • Insurance verification and pre-certification through manual and automated processes for assured reimbursements
  • Coding bills with precision and reviewing the surgical codes to ensure highest levels of accuracy for clean claims
  • Reviewing insurance policy, for maximum and deductibles with precise financial breakdown to foster transparency
  • Ensuring thorough understanding of the different windows needed by different third-party payers to file insurance claims

Our End to End Medical Billing Process

We follow a well-defined and structured process workflow that is the secret behind our simplified but accurate service delivery.

Patient Registration

Collect patient demographic details and authenticate the same for accurate documentation and error-free billing

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Policy status verification and prior- authorizations with thorough follow-ups give us an edge

Medical Coding

Dedicated team of medical coders for seamless coding, checking diagnostic and surgical codes for errors, to prevent denials


Charge Entry

Assign appropriate charges to patient accounts for simpler reimbursements

Auditing/Quality Check

Systematic auditing and quality checks carried by billing specialists to check for inconsistencies and flag them for review

Claims Transmission

Detailed verification of documents received and rechecking to ascertain highest levels of accuracy before claims transmission


Clearing House Rejections

Address any claims rejections and fix claims errors that were identified

Payment Posting

Scan EOBs and checks and relay those to our payment posting team. Post all payments received into the medical billing system.

Denial Management

Determine the causes of denials and mitigate the risk of future denials. Follow up on denied, pending, or underpaid claims and the document the action in the system.


AR Recovery

Follow-up on unpaid claims and generate monthly aging reports for reimbursements

Patient Statement

Generate bills for patients with charges they have to cover for their treatment


Follow-up on delinquent patient accounts to receive reimbursements in part or in full


Our Medical Billing Support Services Cover Your End-to-End Needs

Our all-encompassing service range helps you to make your medical administrative system more streamlined and better managed, thereby allowing competitive advantage.

Patient Scheduling and Registration

We help you manage the flow of patients through your practice, schedule appointments, and pre-register your patients prior to their first visit. This ensures that medical care is delivered without delays as all critical patient information is collected upfront. Our medical billing services in USA is based on proactive engagement with patients and physicians and so can better manage appointments and patient turn ups. Further, our medical billing services focus on understanding patient requirements and therefore ask the right questions and determine the right strategies for the delivery of care. This way we ensure your medical billing outsourcing requirements is taken care of comprehensively.

Patient Scheduling and Registration
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Medical Coding

We have a team of medical billing and coding experts who specialize in data entry, ICD-10, DRG and procedural coding. They render top-notch medical billing and coding services by following the HAAD adjudication rules and standard HAAD coding manual. They code for a range of specialties and sub-specialties such as radiology, surgery, emergency department, anesthesiology and much more. Our skilled medical coders are also constantly trained to keep up with the changing rules and regulations in coding compliance of the healthcare industry.

ICD 10 Medical Coding

Claims Preparation and Submissions

Claims preparation and submission are a part of our medical billing outsourcing services. Our expert agents prepare and submit claims as per a well-defined process. It entails collecting demographic information of patients, verifying ICD and CPT codes, scanning for medical billing and coding errors, generating EOB's and having a final review before resubmission. Throughout the process, they focus on effective documentation, and accuracy. Our robust medical billing outsourcing services have helped our clients ramp up the rate of clean claims by up to 97%, at a time less than the average processing time by up to 40%. Our decade long experience as a US medical billing company has honed our expertise in claims preparations.

Medical Claims Submission
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AR Management

AR Management

Our accounts receivable process depends on professionals with expert knowledge on medical billing solutions. Our experts constantly communicate with healthcare providers, and insurance firms to follow-up on pending claims, track accounts receivables balances, investigate claims denials, and initiate collections. This sets you on a one-way course to increased cash flow and reduced AR days. As an exclusive US medical billing company, we streamline your accounts receivable management by maintaining accurate customer data, establishing a clear and well-defined credit approval process, fine tuning the billing and claims submission process and optimizing the cash application process. We leave no stones unturned to make all your medical billing outsourcing needs are met.

Track Accounts Receivables

Insurance Verification

Medical insurance verification is a critical part of our medical billing services in USA. Our experts help you uncover features like primary and secondary coverages, out-of-network benefits, and co-insurance and deductible information. As a reputed medical billing outsourcing company, our experts carefully evaluate and re-verify pre-authorization requirements to ensure denials don’t happen because of lack of pre-authorization. We have a well-developed check-list based approach to ensure consistency in the verification process. Our insurance verification services has helped us become one of the best medical billing outsourcing companies.

Verify Insurance Eligibility
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denial management services

Denial Management and Appeals

MedBillingExperts is counted among the most reliable medical billing companies in USA. We also specialize in medical denial management. Once you choose our medical billing services, we go the extra mile in ensuring there are no non-covered charges, coding errors or duplicate claims. With our medical billing outsourcing services, we ensure that every denied claim is appealed immediately, with up-to-date information essential to reverse the denial and avail full reimbursement.

Manage Denials and Claims

Our Specialties

Why we are an Industry Authority in Medical Billing Management Process

Full Compliance

As a HIPAA compliant medical billing company, we provide superior documentation quality through regular audits and by leveraging technology.

Assured Data Security

We provide data security through secure wireless networks systems, firewalls VPNs, SSLs and encryption techniques ensure higher efficiency.

Extensive training

Our team of billers and coders are trained on a regular basis to ensure they are up-to-date with the rules and regulations of third-party payers.

Rigorous Claim Audits

Regular claims audits help to identify errors and assess findings to enhance medical billing and coding services for maximum reimbursements.

High Accuracy

We maintain higher levels of accuracy to provide our clients with the most accurate medical billing services. A proper balance in human and machine intelligence enables us to main service accuracy.

Superior Technology capabilities

We employ advanced medical billing technologies like Nextgen, MediTouch eClinical works and more that support analytics for improved cash flow.

How we help you streamline Medical billing

Patient Eligibility

We confirm patients` policy status, claims address and patient demographic information

Get Prior-Authorization

We carry out insurance verification by collecting necessary primary and secondary insurance details and benefits information

Minimize Coding Errors

We minimize coding errors by complying with CPT and ICD-10 coding requirements

Read What Our Clients have to Say About Us

Alex Bell CFO, Hospital and Healthcare Facility, Washington

"A reliable medical billing service provider like MedBillingExperts can help you focus on patients and provide seamless medical billing services. They are very easy to work with and help in expediting a clean claim. Once we chose to outsource medical billing services, we knew we were on the right track. In addition to making our billing process simpler and accurate, they ensure that the service is consistent, reliable, and advanced. Their team leaves no stone unturned to reduce claim denials. Each and every error is checked and analysed and I have had them coming back to me with the reports to keep me updated. They are incorporating advanced technology in billing and you stand to reduce overall costs while getting the best medical billing services."

Rex Dargan Vice President, Public Sector Medical Billing Organization, California

"The easiest way to reduce operational costs is to outsource medical billing services to a reliable provider and focus on core business competencies. Once I started my own practice, I had the option to opt for an in-house billing team or avail medical billing outsourcing services. I choose Medbilling Experts, to outsource medical billing services, and the team has been very helpful. They are a diligent team of medical billing experts and coders who deliver the best. I have reduced overall costs and increased the cashflow with my decision to outsource. Timely submissions of bills and professional billing teams can streamline your business productivity. I therefore, recommend MedbillingExperts for medical billing outsourcing services."

Medical Billing Management Through Our lens

RCM Solutions

Our Process

Our Complete Medical Billing Process Exposed

Explore how our comprehensive medical billing solutions can help you collect payments starting from insurance verification through to denial management and appeals.

How It Works
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A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Services

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7 Chief Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services


7 Chief Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

Healthcare providers require medical billing and coding services to get paid for their procedures and treatments and any other medical care they provide their patients..

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We helped a Medical Practice Optimize Their Medical Billing Process to Improve Bottom Line

Case Study

We helped a Medical Practice Optimize Their Medical Billing Process to Improve Bottom Line

By using our services, a leading US healthcare provider was able to reduce their AR days by 50% and cut their outstanding AR to less than 10%.

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FAQ's on Medical Billing Services

Medical billing services are payment practices that are employed by healthcare providers to ensure maximum reimbursements are obtained from either the insurer or the patient to cover medical expenses for procedures, treatments, and testing. From overcoming the continual decline in reimbursements to streamlining complex collections processes and meeting HIPAA requirements, medical billing services can ensure the successful closing of a claim and the subsequent generation of revenue if handled correctly.

We charge according to the number of full-time medical billing experts you need to handle your claims and superbills volumes. Our standard rates can range from $20/hour to $50/hour depending on the level of expertise required and the complexity of the claims involved.

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Yes, MedBillingExperts looks at the billing structures and the RCM processes that are in place to identify potential revenue streams that stem from the correcting of wrongful application of HMO rates or by auditing physician assistant reimbursements and billing. Through this analysis we can create a revenue recovery plan that fits your organization. We also provide a detailed analysis of charge practices to evaluate your deficiencies and then recommend modifications to your billing process to ensure that prompt payments are made.

MedBillingExperts employs certified medical billing experts that are highly proficient in the capturing of thorough and accurate patient demographics for data entry purposes from the very beginning. This sets us apart from all the other medical billing service providers out there, as they do not pay quite as much attention to the first and most critical step of the medical billing process like we do.

We continue to operate 365 days of the year on a 24/7 basis with zero downtime to ensure that our services are always available to our clients, whether it be on an urgent basis or otherwise.

Call : 1866 344 1936

We usually require that prospective clients commit to a 3-month period before we can take them on as clients. After this initial contract period, you are free to cancel at the beginning of any month with a minimum of 30 days’ notice. We charge based on the number of full-time experts you will need to handle your requirements. However, the fees will vary according to the size, specialty, industry, and volume of claims. Please note that we do not get paid unless you get paid first.

We can start processing your superbills the moment the initial contract is signed. We will need you to complete some registration forms and provide details about your practice and all the insurance companies you have tied up with to process your claims.

We will provide you with an accurate picture of your practice’s billings and collections by generating weekly/monthly/quarterly reports. We will even provide you with the 120-day AR benchmark so that you can compare our performance and results with the national average of your specialty.

FAQs on Revenue Cycle Management Services


Clean Claims On First Submission




HIPAA Compliance


Increase in Collections

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