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Is decreasing coding productivity, falling medical coding quality and increasing provider queries stalling your practice’s reimbursement process? If so, other aspects of your healthcare process such as benchmarking, clinical and financial decision-making, and healthcare policies might get affected soon as well. To set the process right, it’s high time you entrust your medical coding services to a partner who banks on a standardized process, which again is driven by resources with the right blend of expertise and experience.

We, at MedBillingExperts, combine experience with a well-defined workflow to turn your medical coding process around for you. It’s through application of appropriate codes, and knowledge of the diagnosis/procedure, on the one hand, and well-developed method for classifying and reporting coding variances, on the other, we help you get your footing back in having claims reimbursed on time and in full.


How We Turn Correct Medical Coding into a Practice

  • All our coders have accessibility to standard references like HAAD Coding Manual, HAAD Adjudication rules additional references like CMS, AMA, AHA, AHIMA etc.
  • Complete, accurate, consistent and timely documentation methods to ensure definitive diagnosis of disease. This removes ambiguities in code assignment.
  • Comprehensive medical coding procedure audits on a quarterly basis with an up-to-date review methodology carried out by coding manager and compliance department

Our Well-Defined Medical Coding Process

Retrieve Patient Information

Access medical records to determine medical treatment needed


Review patient records for diagnostic reports and tests to verify services provided

Assigning Codes

Translate treatment and tests into pre-defined codes for easier billing


Quality Audit

Conduct several rounds of audits to spot anomalies and errors in coding

Customer Feedback

Forward coded charts to customer for feedback

Implement Changes

Translate and incorporate modified codes into charts upon receipt of feedback

We Support You for Your End-to-End Medical Coding Requirements

HCPCS, ICD-9 and ICD-10 Medical Coding in USA

Our team of medical billing and coding experts have substantial exposure to HCPCS, ICD-10, and ICD-9 medical coding. They work in tandem with billers to review all documentation and code to the highest level of specificity. We strictly abide by HIPAA standards and follow client-specific guidelines wherever applicable. Besides, our medical coders maintain complete knowledge of current updates in coding and billing principles, including federal regulations and guidelines for documentation. We back this with enhanced data security measures to protect patient data confidentiality and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

ICD-9 and ICD-10 Medical Coding
Medical Coding Reviews

Code Reviews

We help you with complete review of medical codes related to healthcare diagnoses, services, equipment, and procedures. We carry our reviews with the preciseness needed to ensure accuracy and compliance. Our code reviews are designed to identify missing modifiers, upcoding, missing documentation, and incorrect codes. Our medical coding services also includes reviewing medical records to ensure complete accuracy and consistency. This helps in adjustments, appeals, and unlisted code review. These apart, our code review service can help you identify abuse and fraud and even analyze errors in submissions.

HCC Coding

Our medical coding outsourcing services use HCC codes to assign a risk adjustment factor score to each patient for predicting their healthcare utilization and costs. They accurately carry out medical record review/data abstraction to ensure that correct codes are used to maximize risk scores based on the provider’s documentation. All our HCC coders have an end-to-end understanding of medical charts, medical terminology. medical abbreviations, ICD 9 / ICD 10 coding conventions and guidelines. Further, they are trained to follow all HIPAA requirements along with other confidentiality mandates.

HCC Coding
DRG Validation

DRG Validation

We use DRGs to confirm whether all patient information that was coded and reported on a claim matches both the physician’s records and patient’s charts. In this way, we are able to reduce risk, are better able to defend claims, and can ensure the accuracy of the coded items. Our medical coding professionals in USA examine medical records to validate admission, evaluate ICD10-CM diagnosis and procedure codes and tally it with the discharge status codes. Our validation examines the justification for the medical diagnosis and procedures.

CPT Coding

Our coders are proficient in CPT medical coding and ensure that only the right modifiers are used for each claim. They are also well-versed in differentiating between surgical, diagnostic, and procedural codes which helps in reducing claims denials. Our CPT coders specialize in all 3 types of CPT codes i.e. Procedure and Contemporary Medical Practices; Clinical Laboratory Services, and Emerging Technologies, Services and Procedures. Our end to end medical coding process banks on strong quality check that involves cross-checking CPT codes to ensure they meet AMA standards.

CPT Coding
Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) Coding

We help healthcare providers code for procedures that were carried out in an Ambulatory Surgical Center. We then review each superbill to establish whether the services rendered need to be modified further, according to prevailing coding standards. Some of the best practices with medical coding services providers follow for ASC billing include appeal to the highest available level; complete reimbursement analysis, increase front-end training for submitting claims, and have a robust quality check process in place.

Our Specialties

How We Are Disrupting the Practices of Other Medical Coding Companies in USA

Clinical Coding Accuracy

All our coders have a broad knowledge of clinical terms and diagnoses and so guarantee consistent accuracy.

Well-Defined Processes

We bank on a well-defined process that focuses on areas that cause the most risks high-risk MS-DRGs, RAC initiatives, high cost procedures, etc.

High Degree of Reliability

Well-developed coding quality benchmarking to decrease variance and increase reliability

Quality Reviews

Highly developed quality checking process comprising reviews of representative samples and focused reviews

Extensive Training

Expansive new hire coder orientation and training program

Stringent Data Security

We ensure that we only access patient charts through VPNs so that patient data never resides on our servers for added security.

Read Our Clients Latest Reviews

Brian Langley Director, Private Healthcare Center, Ohio

"We faced severe challenges in adapting to ICD-10 changes, particularly because there was a huge backlog from the previous coding system. This was when MedBillingExperts stepped in and helped us align ICD 9 with ICD 10 with the ease needed to steer clear of possible discontinuities. We owe our successful transition to them."

Margaret ThorneClinical Documentation Head, Medical Coding Company, Philadelphia

"Our coders were struggling with using correct diagnosis/procedure codes to describe patient symptoms and methods of treatment. After we teamed up with MedBillingExperts, we were able to use accurate CPT and HCPCS code modifiers to provide additional information about the service or procedure performed. Their services helped us make claims more accurate and time-bound."

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FAQ’s On Medical Coding

Medical coding is the practice of transforming medical diagnoses, procedures, and equipment into universal alphanumeric codes for uniform documentation and interpretation in the medical billing process. Accurate coding is vital to obtain the correct reimbursement for all medical services provided.

Our team of AHIMA and AAPC certified medical coders are proficient in CPT, MRA, HCC, ICD-11, and HCPCS diagnostic coding. We are unique in that our medical coders have at least 4 - 12 years of experience in highly specialized healthcare domains.

Firstly, we obtain patient charts and other required documents from the physician via FTP. Our certified coders then assign diagnostic and procedural codes to each service provided. Finally, all associated modifiers are added to ensure adequate reimbursement.

If meeting your requirements is a concern, you are welcome to leverage our free trial. Simply send us a few charts and let our certified coders handle your requirements for you before making your final decision.

You may either get a quick quote by filling out the form on our MedBillingExperts website or choose to call our toll-free number: 1-866-344-1936 or Email us – One of our solutions managers will be able to assist you with the process.

We are 100% HIPAA compliant and follow all protocols that are required to protect the confidentiality and security of our client data. Some of our security measures include thoroughly checking systems regularly and 256-bit data encryption for enhanced data security.

Each of our coding teams specialize in different parts of the medical coding process, which allows us to maintain above 99% accuracy. We also collate and address all document deficiency errors that are discovered through our quality control team, as every physician’s documentation is tracked.

FAQs on medical coding services


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