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MedBillingExperts has over 10 years of experience in providing healthcare providers support services for all their Medisoft Billing requirements. We have been ably assisting physicians use Medisoft billing software to maximize revenue generation and simplify and optimize administrative tasks. Over the years, our dedicated billing services with Medisoft billing software, have helped our clients take their attention of the complicated task of revenue cycle management and focus effectively on high-quality patient care.

Our team consists of certified and professional coders with wide exposure in handling RCM services. Our professionals leverage the Medisoft software to help our clients create and generate claims for payment, verify claims by calling or online review, review practice management data, post payments, file appeals, and resolve issues related to claims and payments.

Why Medisoft for Medical Billing

Medisofts biggest advantage is that it comes as an integrated revenue management software. It requires no uploading or downloading spreadsheets thus making it very user friendly.

The hallmark of this software includes:

  • Electronic claims submission
  • Scrubs Claims to ensure they meet all ANSI 5010 requirements
  • Flexible ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) to help you understand items to post along with posting codes
  • Verify patient eligibility before performing a service

The Scope of Our Medisoft Billing Services:

We bank on our experience in handling Medisoft software to meet all the requirements of our clients.

Claims Processing

  • Creating claims for processing
  • Reviewing reports for correcting errors
  • Submitting claims to carriers
  • Following up on unbillable transactions

Aging reports

  • Following up on unpaid, or underpaid claims
  • Appeal claims for payment
  • Submit provider disputes

Other tasks

  • Post patient and insurance carrier payments in Medisoft databases
  • Enter data in Medisoft databases
  • Follow up on incorrect Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Solve patient queries in the billing line
  • Set up payment plans and manage them for defaults
  • Get in touch with patients regarding Coordination of Benefits of Pre Existing conditions
  • Assist patients and carriers resolve complex

Why Choose MedBillingExperts for Medical Billing Software Support Requirements?

We have proven expertise in using the Medisoft software to help our clients work faster and smarter. Having used this software to handle different specific requirements which includes scheduling, sending claims, posting payments, and collecting co pays- we will ensure you use this software to the best of its potential. Our experience extends to handling the basic, advanced and most advanced version (Network Pro) of the software to make billing fast and seamless for hundreds of small practices across the length and breath of US.

Our Medisoft billing services offers you benefits such as:

  • Integrated Billing Services: We integrate our billing expertise with your Medisoft billing software to ensure claims get paid faster
  • End-to-end Expertise: Our experts help you leverage the advantages of each feature of Medisoft software including patient and practice accounting to make revenue collection highly optimized
  • Full security compliance: Your data security matters the most to us. We take all necessary steps to make to help you meet the privacy requirements of HIPAA
  • Regular Training:We train our experts to stay abreast with changing billing regulations and software upgrades. This ensures you take advantage of the full features of the software
  • By outsourcing Medisoft Billing services to us your practice will be in a position to process claims faster, get reimbursed quickly and improve cash flows.

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