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MedbillingExperts has wide experience in providing offshore urgent care billing services for a range of US-based urgent care centers. Our team of urgent care billing experts with in-depth knowledge of reimbursement guidelines (Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Plans) have a complete understanding of the complications involved in filing urgent care claims. We use this knowledge to streamline your billing process and guarantee maximum reimbursements with reduced turn-around time.

We Handle a Diverse Array of Offshore Urgent Care Billing Services

We offer tried and tested offshore urgent care billing services that are customized to meet the specific billing needs of urgent care centers as listed below:

  • Accurate Data Entry: Information pertaining to urgent care centers is obtained from the provider and entered with high accuracy into a database to ensure that mistakes are not made during the billing process.
  • Filing of Claims: Expertise gathered over the years gives us extreme scalability and flexibility in filing claims electronically and on paper as per the insurance carrier.
  • Statements for Practices: We send statements via mail based upon unique specifications of practices or facilities.
  • Payments and Audits: Upon receiving payments and explanations from clients, every minute details are posted in our databases and EOB audits are conducted to ensure correct reimbursements
  • Appeal Management: In case of faulty payments or denials from insurance companies, we file appeals and ensure that the correct reimbursement is received by your practice.
  • Customized Reporting Schedule: Reports are customized and generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as per the requirements of the practice.
  • Frequently Updated Fee Schedules: Setting up fee schedules is an important aspect of working with insurance companies and we ensure these are updated every year. As part of our service, we negotiate fee schedules and set them up, so that reimbursements cover inflation and increase in cost of living.

MedBillingExperts also ensures that aging reports are maintained, and claims are followed-up after submission to insurance companies, so that they are reimbursed within the shortest possible time.

Our End-to-End Urgent Care Billing Process

Being a premier urgent care billing outsourcing company in the industry, we follow a well-crafted billing process that ensures that no money is left on the table. This can be outlined as follows:

  • Step 1: Review every documentation for medical justification, compliance, accuracy and billable claims
  • Step 2: File and submit the claims, and inform the client once we receive a confirmation from Medicare
  • Step 3: Post a copy of payment to each patient's account and submit secondary claim for all co-insurance payment that is due
  • Step 4: Follow-up on all unacknowledged claims by a payor
  • Step 5: Follow-up partial pays, incorrect pays and rejections within 24 hours

Our Software Expertise

Our urgent care billing solutions are compatible with a wide variety of billing software, including:

  • Kareo
  • Advanced MD
  • Healthfusion
  • Nextgen
  • Athena
  • Eclinical Works (ECW)
  • GE Centricity
  • Imagine
  • WLT
  • Avant MD
  • AllScript
  • ZB
  • BrightTree

Why Outsource Urgent Care Billing Services to MedBillingExperts?

When you outsource urgent care billing services to an expert urgent care billing company like MedBillingExperts, you can reap in the benefits of:

  • Access to 500+ highly skilled support staff
  • 24/7 support and services from US, India and Philippines
  • Overall collections up to 98%
  • 99% billing accuracy
  • Guaranteed increase in revenue flow
  • 97% claims paid on first submission
  • Sharp reduction in denials (Minimal financial disruption due to ICD-10)
  • Multi-specialty expertise
  • 98% error-free patient entry and sales order creation
  • 30% reductions in A/R days
  • 30% cost savings assured
  • 25% increase in collections in the first few months
  • Transparent procedures and charges
  • 24/7 web-based access
  • Complete data security
  • Zero ICD-10 disruption
  • No write offs or adjustments without prior consent
  • Comprehensive RAC audits
  • Individualized service

When you outsource urgent care billing services to MedBillingExperts, you’ll partner with an urgent care billing company that is extremely skilled in getting your claims paid and increasing your profits.

Contact us today and discover the advantage of outsourcing urgent care billing services to MedBillingExperts.

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